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PHX - Phoenix Airport HotelsThere are many on-airport and off-airport short term parking and long term parking options as well as Park Sleep Fly Hotel options at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).  For the best deals on Phoenix Airport Hotels with Airport Parking try:

Rates start at $44.99 for one night and 30 days of Phoenix Airport Parking.  This works out to $1.50 per day for parking or savings up to 94% compared to on-airport parking. See more information on these hotels and other Phoenix Airport Hotels and get a free Park Sleep Fly Hotel Package quote on the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport page.


Sky Harbor Parking Bus Routes

Phoenix Sky Harbor has updated the shuttle routes for the PHX Economy Parking and you can read the press release on the Search Airport Parking Airport News blog – Sky Harbor Simplifies Bus Routes for East and West Economy Parking

Phoenix Airport Parking

For Cheap Phoenix Airport Parking your best choice will be the off-airport long term parking operators: The Parking Spot 2 Phoenix Economy Parking (Formerly Fasttrack), PreFlight Airport Parking, Blue Sky Airport Parking, Fasttrack Washington St. Lot, QuickParkPHX (Crown Plaza Hotel), and Sky Harbor Airport Parking.  By parking at one of these off-airport Phoenix Airport Parking Lots you can SAVE UP TO 76% compared to on-airport parking. More information for each lot is available on our sister site including links to the parking reservation page, if available, and there are links to a PreFlight Airport Parking Coupon and Sky Harbor Airport Parking Coupon that can be printed.  Go to the Phoenix Airport Parking page on Search Airport Parking for more information on each parking lot.

PHX Phoenix Airport Information

phoenix PHX sky harbor airport map

Click to View Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Map

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is by far the largest airport operated by the Phoenix Airport System.  The airport consists of 3 passenger terminals labeled Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Terminal 4.  Each terminal has a corresponding short term parking lot and there are also Sky Harbor Airport Cell Phone Lots and Sky Harbor Long Term Parking on the airport grounds.

If your not sure what terminal you are flying out of, go to the Phoenix Airport Airlines web page or  on the Phoenix Sky Harbor website or go to the interactive Phoenix Airport Map.  There is also a Phoenix Airport Map for each terminal in pdf format – Terminal 2 Map, Terminal 3 Map-Level 1, Terminal 3 Map-Level 2Terminal 4 Map-Level 1, Terminal 4 Map-Level 2, and Terminal 4 Map-Level 3.

PHX Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Transportation

To get around Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, there are free shuttle buses (PHX Airport Shuttle) that access short term parking, long term parking, and the terminals.  The shuttles run every 7 to 10 minutes.  In addition to the PHX Airport Shuttle, there are buses that circulate through the Long Term Parking (Economy Parking) lots. The West Economy Bus (Formerly Jackrabbit) travels to all PHX Airport Terminals from the West Economy lot.  In the East Economy lot, the Gecko Bus and Roadrunner buses have been discontinued as of February 1, 2011.  They have been replaced with the East Economy Uncovered Parking Bus and East Economy Covered Parking Bus.  Both buses go to all Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminals and the change results in a dedicated bus route for the PHX East Economy Uncovered Parking and a dedicated route for the PHX East Economy Covered Parking. To see the location of each lot go to the Phoenix Airport Map

The PHX Airport Shuttle also connect the Phoenix Sky harbor Airport to the METRO Light Rail.  PHX Airport Shuttle passengers can connect to/from the METRO at the 44th Street/Washington METRO station.  By 2012, this bus will be replaced with The PHX Sky Train.  For more information on the METRO, PHX Sky Train and the shuttle from 44th Street/Washington Station, go to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Connection Page on the Valley METRO website.

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